The Breastonishing Breasts

Confidence was something I lacked until I was in my twenties. When your left breast is two cup sizes smaller than the right, you have a  lingering feeling of overexposure and ugliness. Very few people know that I had this physical abnormality. After I had a breast augmentation at 20, I learned that it is very common. As a preteen, I was always scared someone would notice that I added padding to my left cup and removed the padding from my right now. Push up bras were a Godsend. They allow for forgiveness and manipulate the chest for you. Gym class was a daily frightfest.

My chest was like a nagging mom. I couldn’t do anything right to change them. The left one was always higher, and I felt like everyone knew it. I tried to wear baggy shirts. I tried to hide my depression under piles of sweet tea, cheap pizza, cheeseburgers, and fries. That only made a new problem: weight gain.

Boobs are the foundation of a young girl’s self-esteem. It all starts with the boobs. They’re rarely perfect. They’re either uneven, too small, too big, or oddly shaped. Truth is: they are what they are. If only we had more of a fuck it mentality.


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