Dear Daughter, I’m Sorry

Dear Daughter,

Adults don’t know it all. We make mistakes and act irrational like children. Learn from my mistakes like this one. I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m sorry for getting upset over something so minor. You were outside playing in the sprinkler when I asked you to turn it off. All you did was delay your response. It only take you another minute to spray off and bring the sprinkler into the storage room. I lost my temper and acted irrational by snapping at you. Sometimes grown-ups lose control of their emotions for no logical reason at all. I am sick and tired. Literally. My patience is shorter than usual. We are human.

My gut wrenched when you shed those big tears and looked at me with those big, blue eyes sobbing “I’m a bad daughter.” Oh no, my dear. You are an amazing daughter. Please don’t ever think that. You are the best daughter. I’m so sorry that my lack of patience caused you to feel that way. I promise to do better. You are my reason for improving in all aspects of life. Let’s head to bed and wake up feeling refreshed. A new day. A new start. Forgive me.


Your momma

via Apology — The Daily Post

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