Health Advice From My Seven Year Old

My daughter is beautiful. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, and a perfect tan. She is the All-American Girl. She’s very wise for her age. Her wit astonishes me. I’m extremely proud that she is both witty and hilarious. We were getting into the car after daycare one day, and I remarked on how great her biceps are. I said, “wow, I wish I had muscles like those!”  She curled her arm up to emphasize her left bicep and said, “you could have muscles like these, too, if you worked out a lot.” “Wise advice child,” I remarked.

The next morning, she strolled out of her room to greet me with her beautiful, dimpled smile. She sat on the couch and started to watch cartoons. Shortly thereafter, she looked over at me and said “Momma, you can’t drink wine and get skinny like me. You have to stop drinking wine for a while.” Now, I’m not sure who told her this, but it is extremely accurate. I let her know that I will not be drinking wine for a while, since my current goal is to shed at least 40 pounds. She is full of such great advice. She also keeps me on my toes. I have no clue where she gets these ideas from but they are hilarious and accurate.

Thanks kid for such great advice.


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