Repurpose Your Home-Daily Prompt: Obsessed

I am obsessed! Purge all weekend if you can. It feels so good to see results and decrease your stress at home. My boyfriend is quite messy and won’t put things away. I had to take control and handle business. How can you start?

Take a few pictures for the before. Find a place that lacks luster or is too cluttered and revamp it. Look in your closet for items you tossed to the side. Update them. Look on pinterest for ways to update throw pillows. An old pillowcase could make the old throw pillow look new and stylish. Check out thrift stores instead of normal retailers.

After staring at pinterest for hours, I decided to get up and just to it. I found different items to add height, texture, and design. So far, I’ve only spent about $8 on a quart of black paint. Everything else came from the closets and garage. I felt really good at repurposing items.

I took on three projects this weekend. The front entry, the mantel, and the laundry room are now decluttered and are enjoyable to be in.

Take a look and get started this weekend!


via Daily Prompt: Obsessed


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